Maximize the Life of Your HVAC Equipment With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement

maintenance agreement

Did you know you can avoid costly repair bills with a preventative maintenance agreement?


Clients with a preventative maintenance agreement enjoy these perks:

  • Money Savings — 15% discount on any repairs/parts. Minor issues can be resolved before they become major ones.
  • A preventative maintenance agreement will save you money as well as ensure that you get a long life out of your equipment with regular maintenance.
  • They eliminate surprises. A customer with a maintenance plan rarely gets hit with a sudden mid-winter heating system replacement. If equipment is failing, your technician will be able to repair it during a tune-up — or at least warn you of what lies ahead and help you explore your options.
  • You’re never charged an after-hours fee for a weekend or emergency calls.
  • They are convenient. HVAC preventive maintenance agreements eliminate hassle for customers. You contact them when it’s time for a checkup. And when your customers do need repairs or immediate service, they know whom to call.
  • A technician comes to your home 2 times a year to ensure your system will run worry-free. Once in spring to safeguard your cooling equipment for the summer months, and once in the fall to ensure your heating equipment will run smoothly during the cooler months.
  • Maintenance agreements are cost-effective. You can reduce your energy consumption by up to 25% with a well-maintained system.
  • They are convenient. We contact you when it’s time for your check-up, and if immediate service is needed, or a repair, you know whom to call.