Preventative Maintenance Agreements

What’s on your to-do list today?    

Maybe it looks like this:  Mow lawn, get oil changed in car, hair cut appointment, teeth cleaning, go to gym, grocery shop. We’ve been engrained to maintain! We do it every day and for everything. Why? To avoid the consequences, but homeowners don’t know or forget to maintain their air conditioning systems. Failure to maintain will significantly decrease the life of your equipment and all the while the equipment will require repairs, some of which are costly. Preventative Maintenance Agreements - filtersHomeowners must change the filters in their homes once a month!!!  It is also strongly advised that your air conditioning equipment be inspected twice a year by a professional.

Homeowners can enroll in preventative maintenance programs to save money!

We offer preventative maintenance programs to help extend the life of your AC unit and help to keep it running as efficient as possible.   Check out our preventative maintenance agreements.