maintenance agreement

Maximize the Life of Your HVAC Equipment With a Preventive Maintenance Agreement

Did you know you can avoid costly repair bills with a preventative maintenance agreement? Clients with a preventative maintenance agreement enjoy these perks: Money Savings — 10% discount on any repairs/parts. Minor issues can be resolved before they become major ones. A preventative maintenance agreement will save you money as well as ensure that you […]

Indoor Air Quality

Seasonal Allergies

Most homeowners don’t make time to consider indoor air quality and how it affects daily life. Using a reliable heating and air conditioning professional is a great way to get the benefits without taking on the job yourself. Easier breathing, better sleep, balanced humidity and odor and allergy reduction are some of the benefits you […]

going green with Amana

Advanced Cooling is Going Green with Amana

As a homeowner, renter or landlord the last thing you want to stress about is an overly expensive utility bill. In Grayson County and surrounding areas, we deal with temperatures ranging anywhere from 20 degrees to 115 degrees, and that’s not even accounting for the intense humidity. So having a system that can work efficiently […]

Letter of Recommendation – Advanced Cooling

SUBJECT: LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION – ADVANCED COOLING To whom it may concern, I am writing this letter in reference to the above subject matter. I worked in the construction industry for more than 30 years and retired in 2013. My wife and I recently built our retirement home on Lake Fork. As you can imagine, […]

Can You Guess Where ‘Lil Furnace Is?

We have posted 5 pictures of ‘Lil Furnace on our Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus pages in various locations around Grayson County over the past few days. Can you guess the locations?  If you think you can, submit your guesses on the form below.  If you correctly guess where ‘Lil Furnace is in each of the 5 locations, […]