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Emergency Air Conditioner Repair in Sherman, Denison, McKinney, Gainesville, TX, Calera, Durant, OK, and the Surrounding Areas

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Your air conditioner is vital to your family’s comfort and you can’t imagine having to go without it. If it quits working or is experiencing a problem, you need it taken care of immediately. If you’re in Sherman, TX, or the surrounding areas and you need emergency air conditioning replacement, Mckinney, you need an HVAC pro you can count on like Advanced Cooling. We’re always here when you need us most.

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Air conditioners can experience a wide range of problems that need to be addressed quickly to avoid damage to the unit and discomfort for you. If you’re experiencing any of the following problems, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for help:

Little or No Air Flow

You expect a certain amount of cool air to flow through the vents when the AC is on, and if it’s reduced your home will get hot and stuffy. There are a variety of issues that can cause this to happen from a clogged air filter to a faulty blower motor or broken fan. We’ll find the problem and fix it fast.

Weird Sounds and Smells

Anytime you hear an unfamiliar sound or smell something that’s not quite right coming from your AC, you should be concerned. Sounds can indicate a problem with one of the moving parts and odors are a sign there’s something wrong with the filtration. Either way, it’s best not to let the problem go too long.

Frequent Cycling or Constant Running

Air conditioners are supposed to come on long enough to cool the air, then cycle off, and come back on again. This process will happen more often when the temperatures are high outdoors. However, if your unit is doing this constantly, or it doesn’t shut off after coming on, you’ve got a problem that needs to be addressed right away.

Call for Emergency AC Repairs

If you are having problems with your AC, call Advanced Cooling for emergency service at (903) 465-6554. We’ll send someone over to diagnose and fix your AC right away.