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HVAC Resources in Sherman, TX

HVAC Resources in Sherman, Denison, McKinney, Gainesville, TX, Calera, Durant, Oklahoma, and the Surrounding Areas

JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling is proud to be providing HVAC resources and AC service in McKinney. to our customers in Sherman, Denison, Gainesville, Texas, Calera, Durant, Oklahoma, and the surrounding areas. We know that the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) process can be confusing at times. That is why we are providing many different resources for our customers to utilize during the process.

HVAC services can often be tedious and confusing. You may not feel in control while availing services for your HVAC since it is a complex piece of machinery and a common citizen has no clue regarding their heating systems. To help this situation, we have brought together a few HVAC resources in Sherman Tx that might help you understand the services we provide, your machine and build trust. 

  • HVAC Blog

We have curated a list of the problems, troubles our customers have presented us with in the form of blogs. 

In these blogs, readers can find a detailed description of various topics like:

  1. “What must be Extra Efficient: A Heat Pump or A Furnace?”
  2. ”Is My Furnace Too Old To Keep?”
  3. Signs That Heating Repairs Are Needed
  4. “The Advantages of Holding Furnace Repair and Maintenance”

And a lot more. Sifting through these blogs will help you clear all your doubts related to an HVAC system. If you still find yourself riddled with doubts, feel free to reach out for the best heating service in McKinney, TX.

  • Specials and Rebates

We also offer lucrative rebates and special discounts on all our range of services. Whether it’s furnace replacement in McKinney, TX or heat pump service in McKinney, TX, we offer a range of services, including heating and cooling repair, maintenance, tune-up, servicing, etc.

  • Testimonials


Owning an HVAC might present you with numerous questions varying in their degree of importance. Our FAQ list serves the puro[pose of such queries that arise in the minds of y=our customers daily. Following is a glimpse of our FAQ list 

  1. What is Energy Star?
  2. What is the best air conditioner, manufacturer?
  3. The average life of an HVAC system
  4. What are the elements of a ductless mini-split? 
  5. Are ductless mini-split noisy?
  6. Can I install a ductless ac?
  7. What are furnace ratings? 
  8. When should I consider replacing my heating system? 
  9. What is the purpose of furnace filters?
  10. What are thermostats? 
  11. How many kinds of thermostats are there?
  12. How frequently does a filter need to be changed?
  • HVAC Terminology 

We have a list of common HVAC terminologies that you may acquaint yourself with to have a better understanding of your HVAC

  1. Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency: AFUE is used to rate furnace efficiency. 
  2. AGA: American Gas Association, Inc.
  3. Burner: This device helps the combustion of air and gas. 
  4. CFM: (Cubic Feet per Minute) is an airflow volume measurement. 
  5. Condensate: warm air cools down to form perspirations. This perspiration is called condensates which are drained by the system. 
  6. Flue: flue is a vent that removes combustion byproducts in a furnace.
  7. SEER: or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is a rating that determines how efficient a heating system is in a specific season. 
  8. Wet Bulb Thermometer: it measures the relative humidity in the air.
  • HVAC Troubleshooter 

  • SEER Calculator 

JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling has been providing expert and trusted services in Texas and Oklahoma since 2001. Our services guarantee customers satisfaction like no one else. 

We serve commercial and residential set-ups and provide heating, cooling, air quality, equipment repair and replacement, and much more by the trusted HVAC contractor in McKinney, TX. Reach out to us at our website for professional help.  

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