How Can You Protect Your Ac During Heat Waves 

How Can You Protect Your Ac During Heat Waves 

Summer is right around the corner and if you are constantly using your AC at high power, it may be at risk of breaking down. Like all machines, your air conditioner requires rest too. If not provided, it may break down in the middle of a hot sunny day. And summer is the worst possible season for your air conditioner to break down since HVAC technicians are the busiest at the time. But we at JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling are prepared to quickly fix your issues even at the busiest of seasons. Visit the best AC repair in McKinney, TX, to schedule maintenance.

5 Tips to Protect Your AC From a Heatwave

  • Windows to Your Advantage

In the daytime, the hot summer sunlight entering your house will put additional pressure on your air conditioning system. Draw the curtains down during the day and open up the windows at nighttime since it is cooler outside. This can provide a little bit of rest to your system.

  • Use of Fans

It is a myth that fans cool the air. But the truth is that fans cool the occupant. You can smartly use ceiling fans and your air conditioner simultaneously to quickly cool down your body. The fan will throw the already cool air around you without costing you high energy bills for constantly running the air conditioning system.

  • Set a Schedule

The latest models of air conditioners come equipped with timers that will automatically turn on and off as scheduled. You could also use a programmable thermostat to set a schedule optimally by factoring in the number of people at the time of the day, the temperature, and the regular hours your AC has been running.

  • Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance checks still top the list for keeping air conditioners running for a long duration. You will notice how your air conditioner works like a brand new one for years without costing you high energy bills or unnecessary repair expenses by a proper maintenance schedule. 

  • Consider Replacing

A properly maintained AC can last up to 15-20 years before it needs a replacement. However, sometimes there is no option but to buy a new AC when your old one is beyond salvation.

An easy way to determine whether you need to invest in a new AC is by looking at the coils. If they are flaking off, then it is time to go for a new one. Consult an HVAC technician for air conditioning replacement in McKinney for replacing it.

While these tips can help you extend the life of your air conditioner, they cannot guarantee its normal functioning. It is good to get proper maintenance with the help of HVAC services to ensure the health of your AC.