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How To Choose An Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

How To Choose An Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

One can save hundreds of dollars a year by installing the ideal air conditioning system for their home and based on the weather where they live. Additionally, it will ease the strain on the power grid on hotter days.

Recommendations for Selecting Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners

Dimensions of Your Home

The area that needs to be cooled must be measured in square footage. Even though an oversized air conditioner will cool your room, it will also leave it damp. Conversely, a tiny air conditioner will need to operate longer, raising your energy bill. 

Therefore, it is advisable to hire a qualified HVAC company to assist you in selecting the ideal AC for your home; otherwise, you will need air conditioning replacement in McKinney sooner than expected.

Keep AC Cooling Capacity in Mind

Find an AC with the appropriate cooling capacity. Ratings for energy-efficient ACs are expressed in BTUs. How big of an area an AC unit can cool depends on its rating. It would be best to have a lower BTU AC for smaller rooms.

Compare the Unit's COP, EER, and SEER for Energy Efficiency

Every model will have a set of values, depending on the manufacturer—the cooling capacity to power input ratio or COP. Pick a model with a greater COP because it can chill more space with the same amount of power.

EER is the cooling capacity (Btu/h) to power input ratio. Like COP, selecting a unit with a higher EER rating will result in less energy use for the same capacity. Since SEER considers the air conditioner’s startup and shut-down cycles, it is more accurate.

Energy Star Labelling

Look for the blue Energy Star certification if you want to save on air conditioner electricity consumption. This logo indicates that an air conditioner meets high-efficiency standards. It will also postpone the need for AC installation in McKinney, TX .

Think About Smart Technology

For greater convenience, you ought to think about getting a Wi-Fi-capable AC unit. It is simple to use digital assistants like Siri and Alexa with a Wi-Fi-equipped thermostat. These smart air conditioners are simple to modify. They make it simpler to cut back on air conditioning expenses.

Non-Inverter vs Inverter

Please select a device with an inverter because it will be unquestionably more efficient than a one without one. The rotation of the inverter compressor can be altered to suit the demands of the load, resulting in power savings and preventing frequent air conditioning repair in McKinney

Infrared Sensor

Some manufacturers include an infrared sensor that can determine whether someone is in the room or not. It will automatically raise the programmed temperature to decrease the room’s temperature if it detects no movement for a predetermined time.


In most cases, this is a straightforward do-it-yourself procedure that entails taking the filters out, hosing them down, and letting them air dry before replacing them.

 JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling advises having your air conditioner serviced properly and cleaning the air filters every six months. Contact us for air conditioning replacement in McKinney.