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Is Your Heat Pump Getting Smelly?

Is Your Heat Pump Getting Smelly?

Many times, homeowners experience strange smells coming from their heating system. The unpleasant smell coming from the unit can indicate serious problems. It often happens when the unit is not maintained regularly and is not cleaned properly.

Smells are mostly caused by the accumulation of dust and debris on the coils of the heat pump. Biological factors like fungus, bacteria, and moulds can also create strange smells. Homeowners must regularly inspect the unit and perform routine maintenance with heat pump service McKinney TX.

  • Rotten Eggs

If homeowners experience that their heat pump is producing warm air which smells like rotten eggs. This can be a serious indication of a potential gas leak. It is a sign of a sulphur leak that could expose the residents to chemical hazards. Homeowners must vacate the house immediately and call out to emergency services near them.

Another cause for rotten eggs can be the death of rodents in the unit. Then the smell must be due to decomposing and can be unpleasant, but it’s not as dangerous as the leak of sulphur. One can inspect the unit and clean the system easily.

  • Musty Odour

Many times, when the units are exposed to moisture, moulds grow in and can create serious problems. Homeowners often experience the smell of wet rags when the heating system is on for use. It can be a sign of bacteria or mould building up inside the ductless heat pump.

Moulds disturb the quality of the air inside the house by producing carbon dioxide in the ducts and sucking up all the oxygen. The problem could even get worse as heat pumps operate at a favourable temperature for mould to grow faster. Homeowners must keep a close eye on these and call out to heat pump service in Mckinney, TX to get them cleaned. 

  • Burning Plastic Smells

It is one of the worst smells and the most toxic one. If you can smell a burning smell, it is most probably the insulation inside the unit that is burning. It indicates serious motor problems and damaged wiring. When the motors start to fail, they can damage the other parts of the unit and increase the utility bills on the side.

On the other hand, the wire burning can have the potential to catch the fire. Homeowners must shut down the unit if they find frayed wires. One must take action to safeguard their home from an electrical fire.

How to Get Rid of These Smells?


The first and foremost thing the homeowner should do is inspect the unit. Check if the odour is present all the time or it is just when the heating system is in use. as it can be caused by other things as well. Dust present on the heater coil can also create a burning smell, and it can be cleaned easily.

 It doesn’t require technical assistance. But if the smell remains after cleaning, It can be an indication of some serious problem that needs urgent repair. Homeowners must reach out to furnace repair McKinney TX for their safety from any potential electrical or chemical hazard.

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