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Get Our Cooling System Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Preventative Maintenance Agreement.
Get Our Cooling System Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Stay Cool and Calm This Summer in North Texas

It’s hard to imagine living through a Texas summer without air conditioning, and that’s why homeowners need to think about their air conditioning systems BEFORE the temperature soars each year.

We’ve been in the business of installing, maintaining and repairing heat and air equipment in North Texas since 2001, so we’ve seen plenty of people put off their A/C maintenance until they were already sweating and frustrated. Don’t do that!

One way to make sure you won’t be sweating and frustrated this summer is to call us and get started with our Preventative Maintenance Agreement.

I’m always amazed at homeowners who make sure they have maintenance for their swimming pool, but don’t do the same, sensible thing for their air conditioning system!

Now, did you know the filter in your equipment should be changed every month?

We can come in and change the filter for you, or we can send you a reminder to do it yourself.

And we provide preventative maintenance for commercial as well as residential equipment, including climate control, heating, cooling, humidity and indoor air quality.

Wouldn’t you like the peace of mind knowing your house and commercial buildings are on our schedule and you’re off the hook as regards remembering to do all your equipment maintenance yourself?

By using heat load calculations we can advise you on the best use of your heat and air systems, with your existing windows and insulation in place. We can also make suggestions about upgrading your systems and improving efficiency for cost savings now and in the future.

If you decide to consider a new central air system this year, we offer convenient financing options for qualified customers.

So, there’s no need to suffer in the heat or struggle to remember to maintain your air conditioning system.  Just call us, and Surround Yourself in Comfort With Javi-Air!