Seasonal Allergies

Indoor Air Quality
Seasonal Allergies

Indoor Air QualityMost homeowners don’t make time to consider indoor air quality and how it affects daily life. Using a reliable heating and air conditioning professional is a great way to get the benefits without taking on the job yourself.

Easier breathing, better sleep, balanced humidity and odor and allergy reduction are some of the benefits you can expect from regular, professional service on your furnace and air conditioning units.

Both indoor and outdoor units should be functioning efficiently, especially to control seasonal allergies. An important item for the efficient functioning of heat and air conditioning systems is also the most important item for reducing allergy symptoms, and that’s the air filter. It’s the key to achieving good indoor air quality.

Changing your disposable air filter gives you a glimpse of the dirt and dust circulating throughout your home, and possibly affecting your breathing, your sleep and your health. Pet dander, mold spores and pollen are often the cause of allergic reactions, but they aren’t easy to see, in the air or on the air filter.

Permanent, high-efficiency HEPA filters are designed to remove up to 90% of the allergy-causing particles inside a home. They are very fine filters made of fiber glass, which will stop 9,997 out of every 10,000 air particles 0.3 – micron in diameter. HEPA filters must be cleaned occasionally, but they function differently than disposable filters in that a layer of dust and dirt does not compromise efficiency.

Making time to think about your indoor air quality is the first step. Then, contacting JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling in Sherman, Texas is your next best step for the professional advice and service you need. We provide preventative maintenance on all your heating and cooling systems, which will reduce your utility bills as well as increase your indoor air quality.