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The Right Time For An AC Replacement Or Repair In McKinney

The Right Time For An AC Replacement Or Repair In McKinney

You won’t disagree that your air conditioning systems are closely linked to your comfort. It doesn’t matter how hot the climate is; you know your air conditioner will provide you with cool air as and when required. But does it work efficiently every time? The answer is no. 

As your AC contains mechanical components, it is subject to wear and tear. If your AC is poorly maintained, you may experience AC failures. At times like these, it is recommended to opt for an AC repair in McKinney, TX.

Air conditioner repairs can get quite expensive. So, you may consider replacing your air conditioner. Before an AC replacement, you have to consider some issues you may face and the optimum solution. After making a decision, you can call for an air conditioning replacement in McKinney.

  • The older air conditioning system

A well-maintained air conditioning system works well for around 15-20 years. If your system is older than that, you might want to consider replacing it.

  • High utility bills

If you notice a steep rise in your energy bills for the last month, it’s time to call an expert. Generally, a new system will be good with the repair. But if your AC system is old, it’s better to opt for a replacement.

  • Frequent repairs

It’s alright if you need to repair your AC once or twice a year. But, if your air conditioner needs repair every few months, it’s better to get AC replacement in McKinney, TX. A one-time investment will serve you better than frequently calling for repair.

  • Low refrigerant levels

If your air conditioner refrigerant level is low, it will take more time to cool the air. Also, your AC system will use more energy and is at risk of a shutdown. Refill the AC  refrigerant. If you are not sure how to refill it, contact an HVAC technician for it.

  • Drainage leaks

If your air conditioner drain is clogged due to some dirt, or ice, it will lead to leakages. Power off your AC so that the ice will melt; clean the AC drain.

  • Noisy air conditioner

If your air conditioner makes a lot of noise while running, it might have some loose components. Call for an air conditioning repair in McKinney.

  • The air conditioner isn’t blowing air

If you turn on your AC and find out that it isn’t blowing any air, it is due to the motors. The starter motor of your AC might be damaged. Call a professional to replace the motor.

  • Dirty air filter 

Your air conditioner takes in the air from your surroundings. Along with the air, it also contains dust and dirt. The air filter filters the dust. Over time, the air filter accumulates a lot of dust that may block the airflow and hinder the cooling. You should clean your air filter regularly for efficient functioning. You need to call a professional to replace your air filter every 3-4 months.

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