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What Is More Efficient: A Heat Pump or A Furnace?

What Is More Efficient: A Heat Pump or A Furnace?

As winter is approaching, so is the need for choosing a device for heating your home. In order to be warm and comfortable in the cold, it is essential to decide whether to install a heat pump or a furnace at home. Both do the job of warming your home but using different techniques. Let’s look at how they really work and see which one is more efficient.

Working of a Heat Pump: 

A heat pump extracts heat from the chilly outside air and converts it to warm air. Therefore, a heat pump does not require an external fuel source to generate heat. It follows the following steps for that purpose:

  1. The refrigerant absorbs heat from the atmosphere and transmits it to a cooling fluid. 
  2. The outdoor compressor unit then changes this heat into a hot liquid. 
  3. This hot liquid travels to the indoor coils.
  4. The blower then disseminates this heat using a fan, which blows across the coil warming your home.

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Working of a Furnace:

No matter what fuel a furnace uses, it functions on the principle of forced heating. A conventional furnace provides heat in the following way: 

  1. Firstly, natural gas ignites flames in the burner assembly. 
  2. The flames then heat a heat exchanger. 
  3. The blower pushes air across the heat exchanger, which circulates the heat into your home via the ducts.
  4. As each room warms up, the ducts draw in cold air from outside, which goes through the heating process. 
  5. This keeps happening in a continuous cycle. 

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Which Device is Better?

On analyzing both of these heating devices, we can say that a heat pump fares better than a furnace. A heat pump emerges as an efficient alternative, as it does not need any fuel, instead taps the abundant outside air for heat energy. However, it comes with certain limitations. Especially when the weather is extremely cold, it has to work harder to convert outside air into heat. In the process, it loses efficiency. 

A furnace, on the other hand, can prove to be cost-effective and provide faster cooling than a heat pump. It operates for a duration of time and offers gentle heating/cooling, avoiding rapid temperature changes. 

Whether to choose a furnace or a heat pump for your home depends upon your requirement. Both will guarantee you comfort in the cold winter months. If you’re thinking about purchasing either one for your house, you may do so by visiting our website or calling us at (903) 465-6554.