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3 Checks to Ensure Optimum AC Performance 

3 Checks to Ensure Optimum AC Performance 

Air conditioners have their fair share of hiccups while cooling a space. In fact, the older the system tends to get, the more issues crop up. Therefore, requiring the repairs from companies offering AC service Mckinney. Another major problem is detecting these problems before it is too late. 

The system will often give out just before the hottest time of the year, thus resulting in a very uncomfortable week or more. 

Therefore, a homeowner can prevent this from taking place by carrying out these three checks – 

Checking the Coils

The air conditioner coils are prone to collect a layer of dirt while running. This dirt will greatly reduce the overall cooling efficiency of the system. To reduce the chances of this taking place, one should check the evaporator coils regularly. In addition to this, the aluminium fins can also bend in the presence of harsh winds. A homeowner can prevent this from happening by using a fin comb. These combs will run through the fins and bring them back to their original condition. In case it requires replacement, one would require the services of air conditioning repair in McKinney

Defrosting the System

AC systems can undergo freezing during certain seasons and at certain temperatures. That is, during colder seasons like the winter, the refrigerant in the AC may freeze up. Another reason for frozen refrigerants is that the condenser or filters may cover dust on the surface. This reduces the surface area between the warm air and the refrigerant. Thus, the refrigerant freezes up and will no longer cool as efficiently as before. Therefore, a homeowner has to check the filter or the coils to see if the system is frozen. 

Unblocking Supply Vents

The vents are essentially outlets and inlets which can take in air and give out cool air. Depending on what kind of air the system requires, the vents are present inside or outside the house. The supply vents, for example, are present indoors. They release cool air into a given region.

In contrast, the return vents accept air from the external regions. However, the supply and return vents can sometimes find it hard to release or take in air as there might be debris in the vent. This is especially true if the system is an outdoor unit. Therefore, one would have to go about removing any debris from the vent. Hire us for the best AC Service in McKinney at most affordable prices. 

In addition to this, it would also be advisable to ensure that the system’s outdoor unit should have plenty of free space surrounding it. There should be no trees or other obstructions that could block the free flow of air. This includes removing trees or their branches that may be too close to the system.  

Thus, these three checks should be given utmost priority by a homeowner that owns an air conditioner. These checks not only act as quick fixes but also help one detect problems with the system beforehand. If there are problems and require air conditioning repair in McKinney, call JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling at (903)-465-6554 or send an email over to info@advancedcooling.net.