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AC Maintenance Tips to Prevent Breakdown in the Summer 

AC Maintenance Tips to Prevent Breakdown in the Summer 

With summers in McKinney reaching a significant average of 96 degrees Fahrenheit during July and August, AC units are generally working overtime. Over the years, the fluctuation in the temperatures outside and the varying dependence on these units can impact the functioning of the unit. This will eventually lead to the system giving up completely, usually during a more stressful period like the summer and to avoid this hassle avail the best heat pump installation in McKinney, TX

Top 5 DIY Tips to Reduce Chances of Breakdown 

To reduce the chances that the unit will require air conditioner repair in McKinney, TX, one can carry out the following tips – 

  • Assistance with Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can greatly increase the efficiency with which a system cools a region. When both devices are on and functioning simultaneously, the cool air coming from the system will circulate better through the room. This will drastically reduce the burden on an AC. 

  • Lower Humidity

The humidity can be a hindrance to efficiency as well. Therefore, it would be advisable to install a dehumidifier in space to reduce the humidity. The size of the dehumidifier can differ depending on the room as well as the geographical location. 

  • Increase the Clearance

Another common practice that most individuals follow when they own an AC is to ensure that the space around the vents of the AC is clear. By keeping a standard distance of five feet above the unit and any other obstruction, one can allow the air to circulate throughout the room. The other requirement is that the unit must be at a distance of two feet from any furniture. This includes both the interior supply vents as well as the exterior return vents. This includes the removal of vegetation that may be infringing. 

  • Prevent Direct Sunlight

External light sources place a significant role in how well the AC will cool the region. That is when the light rays coming into a sunroom room also tend to heat the room. Therefore, running an AC in this condition will greatly undermine its ability to cool. AC repair in McKinney, TX technicians advise the use of blinds or install curtains that could reduce the incoming sunlight. The windows which face the west or the south directions will receive the most sunshine throughout the day. 

  • Regular Inspection

One has also to ensure that regular maintenance services take place. Preferably before every summer. This will help one detect any discrepancies that may be present while the AC is functioning. The tune-up will also ensure that leakages and broken components can be repaired or replaced well before the temperature increases. 

In addition to all these tips, the technicians offering AC service in McKinney, say an optimum temperature for functioning. The temperature is around 75 to 80-degree Fahrenheit. This temperature will ensure that the system is most efficient.

Therefore, for an extensive tune-up and air conditioner service in McKinney, TX, call 903-465-6554 or email [email protected]. One can visit the JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling website as well to avail of the best offers.