Get in the Zone – Cooling System

Cooling System
Get in the Zone – Cooling System

The old-fashioned way to achieve zone air conditioning in your home involved the use of individual window units for each bedroom and living area. Fortunately, there’s a much more elegant solution now.

Zone cooling is the best way to control the temperature in every room separately, or every area or zone is equipped with its own thermostat. The secret to an efficient zone cooling system is the installation of an automatic damper in the ductwork which controls the airflow into the zone, controlled by the zo`ne thermostat.

No more heating and cooling rooms when they are not in daily use, and no more wasted money on big energy bills. Depending on the geographic area and the season of the year, heating and cooling costs may mount up to half your utility bill each month.

Most of us expect to have a light switch in every room, but we generally expect a whole-house air conditioning system. At least that was common until zone cooling systems were developed.

There are three parts to a zone system:
Cooling System

  • The Zone Control Panel is the centralized location where all the thermostats, dampers, and air conditioning units are controlled.
  • The Thermostats monitor the air temperature in each room or area of the house, and they signal the Control Panel to make changes.
  • The Dampers are valves in the ductwork that control airflow in response to the Thermostat signals received by the Zone Control Panel.

It’s easy to see that proper air conditioner repair in McKinney is crucial so that your zone cooling system works efficiently. You want to be able to keep the areas you’ll be using cooler when you’re using them and let unused areas creep up a few degrees to save money on air conditioning costs when you’re not using them. It’s not advisable to completely close off any particular zone, because it’s more efficient and cost-effective to move the air throughout the system instead.

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