What can a Phenomenal Aire CPG do for me?

What can a Phenomenal Aire CPG do for me?

Think back to a time when you stopped to enjoy the fresh, outdoor air, maybe when you were hiking in the mountains or walking by the seaside? And can you remember how good you felt, out in the natural, fresh air?

Well, now you can enjoy that pleasant, lively freshness inside your home, too. The Phenomenal Aire Cold Plasma Generator (CPG) actually produces the same feeling for you and your family indoors. CPGs create an electric field (also called a plasma field) full of highly-charged ions that surround airborne dust, mold, pollen, bacteria and viruses and destroy their molecular structure by robbing them of hydrogen.

Phenomenal Aire Diagram

But, you don’t have to get deep into a scientific understanding to feel and enjoy the benefits in your home or office space. You just have to experience Phenomenal Aire for yourself and you’ll know it’s all true!

You’ll notice fewer odors and less static electricity, too. The unit is small enough to be installed in your duct work, so nothing takes up additional space in your home or office. And there will be no detectable ozone or any pollutants created during the operation of the Phenomenal Aire CPG. It will simply work to clean your air naturally whenever air is flowing through your existing duct work.

Especially in Texas where air conditioning systems run almost constantly in the summer heat, a CPG sends plenty of freshly charged ions into a home or office environment, to reduce pollution and enhance the well-being of everyone inside by cleaning the cool air naturally.

And when outdoor temps drop and the furnace kicks on in the winter, the Phenomenal Aire creates a much more comfortable, heated indoor environment and a healthy winter season for you and your family.

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