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Tips To Clean An Outside Air Conditioner Unit

Tips To Clean An Outside Air Conditioner Unit
Apart from keeping your air conditioner’s inside unit clean, it’s also crucial to maintain the exterior unit (also known as the condenser). The condenser is more susceptible to dust, dirt, and debris, which can significantly impact your home’s air quality.  Cleaning your outside air conditioner unit regularly can help it run more smoothly and last longer. Otherwise, your AC will take longer to cool your room. In addition, the condenser can potentially overheat, resulting in a system failure. 

Steps to Follow in Cleaning the Outside Unit

Shutting Off the Power

The shutdown box is usually located next to your AC. You must turn off the power by either pushing the switch to the off position or pulling the main plug out. You can turn off the power from the central circuit breaker panel if there is no shutoff unit. 

This ensures that you do not experience any electrical hazards or fire while cleaning the air conditioner. Check if the thermostat has been turned off or take the help of professionals like heating repair McKinney, TX.

Taking Off the Outer Panel

Although it is not required to open the outside unit to clean it, call specialists like heat pump service McKinney TXor you can use a screwdriver to remove the outer casing for easier cleaning. However, take care not to damage any wires while removing the case. If you are doubtful, always take the help of a specialist like a furnace replacement McKinney, TX.

Debris Removal From the Air Conditioner

Wear gloves and clean larger debris (such as leaves, twigs, and other waste) with your hands only. This will make cleaning the residual dirt in the air conditioner much more effortless.

Getting Rid of Dirt and Dust 

Clean any minute dust particles found on or around the outdoor air conditioner unit with a rag, a vacuum cleaner, or a brush with soft attachments. When removing the dirt formed on the shaft and fan motor, be gentle. Using too much force can damage your air conditioner by bending the fins. 

Cleaning the Unit With Water

Water can remove any residual dirt that the brush was unable to remove. Before spraying water, make sure all wires and motors are adequately covered. A slow hose is advised for cleaning because a powerful or fast hose can damage your air conditioner unit by bending the fins. 

If your air conditioner’s fins bend, a specific fin comb can be purchased at any supply store and used to repair the damage. Immediately turning on the air conditioner after cleaning with water can result in electrical issues. Thus, after using water on it, do not switch it on. 

Instead, allow at least a few hours for the water to evaporate and the unit to become entirely dry and safe to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Texas, installing or replacing an air conditioning unit without the proper permits is illegal. There are a variety of issues that can arise during a DIY installation. Furthermore, if code enforcement officials become aware of it, you may be subjected to extremely high fees and penalties in the future.

The following should be included in any AC service McKinney:

  • Assessment of the thermostat setting
  • Lubrication of electrical connections
  • Examining the condensate drain
  • Evaluation of the overall operation
  • Inspection of the outdoor unit
  • Fan assessment
  • Replacement of the air filter
  • Cleaning coils
  • Check the refrigerant
  • Maintenance of the blower
  • Examine the heating components.

A comprehensive check by a licensed service technician is included in the air conditioner repair McKinney plan.

  • They will look for leaks, electrical connections, wiring issues, and proper thermostat operation.
  • Various maintenance options are required during winters, such as checking the heating elements, the pilot and thermocouple, limit controls, burners, and safety controls.
  • These services are performed regularly to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

Some of the tangible advantages of a regular AC service McKinney program are:

  • Affordable energy costs
  • Fewer repairs
  • Catastrophes avoided
  • Better air quality
  • Equipment lasts longer
  • Safeguarding your family

Anyone can check to see if their HVAC system is working correctly in just a few minutes. The steps are:

  • Remove your vent covers after ensuring that your furnace filter has been replaced.
  • Determine the locations of your return and supply air ducts in your home.
  • Turn on your air conditioner, and check the supply temperature in the return air ducts. Check the temperature in the supply air duct too.
  • Then turn on your air conditioner for about ten minutes, and take a temperature reading. Now find and test the nearest return air duct, then leave your air conditioner running for 10 minutes and record the results.
  • Subtract the numbers to find the difference between the two temperatures you recorded.

A combustion analyzer is a hand-held device resembling an electrician's multimeter to check circuits during air conditioner repair McKinney, TX. The combustion analyzer provides technicians with all the combustion process components like carbon monoxide levels, oxygen levels, and flue temperature.

According to AC service McKinney experts, to begin, go to your circuit breaker panel and turn off the power switch your AC unit is connected to outside. Look for the reset button. Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds, release it, and restart your air conditioner.

The following are the most common reasons why your HVAC isn't working and requires AC service McKinney, TX:

  • The batteries in your thermostat have died.
  • The indoor disconnect switch is in the off position.
  • The disconnect switch for the outside is turned off.
  • You accidentally blew a fuse.
  • The initial components are malfunctioning.
  • Your coils, both indoor and outdoor, are dirty.
  • You must replace your clogged filter.