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Tips to Prevent AC Problems

Tips to Prevent AC Problems

Nobody wants to spend their summer days without an air conditioner at home and suffer from heat and humidity. Moreover, repairing an AC can be stressful and tiring, especially during high temperatures. Therefore, it is essential to check your air conditioners immediately after winter. 

Our AC repair in McKinney, TX,  are among the best and most promising ones in the industry at JNieto Enterprises, LLC DBA Advanced Cooling. However, if you are complicated about how to run your AC smoothly, here are some tips to prevent AC problems from happening: 

Regular AC Maintenance

Even if your air conditioners are operating perfectly, it is essential to have them inspected. Regular AC maintenance can rule out any possible damages that might happen in the future. Moreover, regular servicing can also help your AC maintain stable performance for years. 

AC Replace and Clean Air Filters

Your air filters are responsible for purifying the polluted air in exchange for fresher air. However, these air filters can accumulate dust and debris over time. Hence, it is important to clean those dirty air filters every month. We also provide AC service in McKinney.

Dirty air filters also have many pollutants stuck to them. These pollutants can worsen someone’s allergies and may harm your health. If your AC has disposable air filters, you can easily remove them and replace them with new ones. 

Clean Condensate Coils and Drains

Like the air filters, the condensate coils of your AC can also collect dust and debris. You must ensure that these condensate coils are clean and do not block the airflow in the unit. Moreover, dusty condensate coils can end up freezing the internal parts of the AC. It could lead to more significant problems in the future. 

A condensate drain collects all the wastewater from the unit and disposes of it off through the pipes. However, if these drains are clogged, water might accumulate inside the unit. It could affect your AC’s performance and eventually damage it. To ensure that these drains are not clogged and work perfectly, you must call a professional technician for further guidance. 

Maintain the Thermostat

A thermostat on your air conditioning unit is responsible for adjusting the temperature of your rooms. However, if the settings on the thermostat are incorrect, your AC might work ineffectively. 

Moreover, to avoid future inconvenience, you must check the direction of the thermostat. For example, if it is near an area of direct sunlight, it will not adjust the room temperature precisely. Finally, change the thermostat batteries regularly for the thermostat to function efficiently. 

You can take the preventive steps above to ensure that your air conditioner runs continuously for many years. If you want assistance in replacing your AC unit, contact us for air conditioning replacement in McKinney, TX.